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Rail Industry

Experts extend the lifespan of railroads, tunnels, bridges, culverts and other infrastructure.

Plan the right investments throughout your network based on reliable data, calculation algorithms and expert advice.

Stelar centralizes and structures asset health data to improve decision making for asset managers as well as senior management. Information gathering, analysis and simulation tools give you clear visibility into the condition of a vast network of track and infrastructure. You will have sufficient data to effectively plan works and investments, based on criticality issues, service failure history and profitability of rail networks. You will have a history of events—such as failures, out-of-service lines, idling by natural or other causes—in addition to upcoming interventions across the network.
  • Allonger la vie de vos équipements vieillissants
  • Faciliter le financement de vos projets socialement
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  • Pallier aux nombreux départs à la retraite

Extend the lifespan of your assets

By combining Stelar with the know-how of experts in asset integrity and reliability, the tool addresses corporate and operational issues. It provides a comprehensive view of widespread assets in terms of condition, residual life and risk. The platform improves the efficiency of maintenance activities, by digitizing operations and logistics functions specific to the rail industry.





Sewer systems

Production equipment



The flexibility of the platform offers many possibilities.

Implement a digitized lifecycle management approach to your assets, to extend their useful life while mitigating risk. It starts by leveraging your historical data, reports and events. You will be able to centralize and structure past data, as well as accumulate new results in a standardized way, through various technologies. The inventory of your equipment and infrastructure will be presented through a simplified dashboard, including all relevant indicators to suit your reality.

Prioritize interventions
Take advantage of an integrated risk matrix based on predefined parameters and analysis models developed by experts in asset reliability and integrity. You will then be able to simulate the evolution of critical situations to define intervention priorities, according to a cost, effort and benefit ratio. You will thus obtain a clear vision of major issues and interventions on critical assets, through dashboards. This vision will serve to support the organization's social responsibility towards user and community safety, in addition to meeting the requirements of regulatory and normative bodies.
Plan of Investments
Deploy a fact-based, structured and standardized 0-5 year rehabilitation program, specifically designed to cover a broad asset base. Stelar provides you with the tools to leverage your data to simulate CAPEX and OPEX financial scenarios.

Climate change

Natural causes already account for a major proportion of rail infrastructure failures. In a context of climate change, it is expected that this type of failure will increase.  

Stelar allows you to visualize the environmental impact of construction options. It will be possible to simulate rehabilitation resilience scenarios, in order to better predict the life cycle of assets.

Prevent with accuracy for better results

By combining Stelar with the know-how of experts in asset integrity and reliability, the tool addresses corporate, operational and field issues:
Centralize and structure your data
The construction of a structured data repository, oriented towards sustainable asset management, is Stelar's forte. You will be able to gather and access all your asset data in one place. Its mobile app and architecture allows you to standardize your data collection process from different sources or stakeholders.
Standardize data collection
Having multiple inspectors in the field leads to a wide variety of methods and interpretations regarding observations. The resulting confusion is serious, as decisions must be based on comparable data. Our information collection tool is a response to this issue, as it allows for the standardization of measurements through the adoption of a common and clear intervention plan. Measurements will always be taken in the same way, at the same location, and the qualification of defects will be benchmarked. The health index and risk rating of assets will then be readily analyzable.
Digitize the knowledge of key employees
Retirements of experienced employees and numerous personnel changes in key positions are a burden to organizations. Many employees hold a wealth of information vital to operations in their heads—information which is not easily transmitted or harnessed by others. How do you pass on this volume of knowledge and field experience in a context aggravated by the labor shortage? Stelar is a solution to create an organization's collective memory. You will have a tool to record and digitize the qualitative knowledge of employees for each asset.
Speed up the capture of survey reports
The process of creating a survey report is traditionally long and tedious. Stelar makes it possible to share and display observation results within minutes of an inspection. An experienced engineer can even evaluate the costs of on-site interventions. Decisions can then be made efficiently, based on facts.
Reduce service disruptions
Comprehensive knowledge of the condition of a large network of assets is complex to obtain, especially through traditional methods. Stelar supports and alleviates the asset management efforts of operators, so they can focus on their core business. The platform accelerates the process of collecting and analyzing data to make better decisions and intervene at the right time.
Extend the lifespan of your assets
Investments to replace assets as large as rail infrastructure are substantial. Extending asset lifespan to safely amortize costs is a core function of Stelar. The tools included in the platform are designed by asset integrity and durability experts, with the experience to facilitate asset durability decisions.

Interview with Benoit M. Bédard.
Stelar Manage Asset Maintenance Data

Asset durability data management and Strategic planning platform.

Stelar supports your entire asset health maintenance operations. With̀ the mobile app, your inspectors enter their observations via dynamic forms. Consistency, centralization, and structure of the data allows for better visibility of trends and in-depth analysis from durability experts. The resulting custom dashboards speed and document your decisions.