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How Stelar Works

Stelar is a system that enriches the ability of managers to decide what actions to take for the health of the assets under their care. It gathers all historical and current data by interconnecting with existing systems to analyze the data, generate analyses, display results and feed the data back to operational systems.

Intelligent asset management: a practical approach based on risk analysis

Stelar allows asset managers to organize and structure all asset data. Design data, maintenance and operational history, and previous inspection results can be uploaded.  

Then, using the mobile app, engineers and inspectors can record new inspection observations via dynamic, customizable forms developed by asset integrity and reliability experts. Data generated by sensors, drones, or machine systems is also compiled and listed by asset to provide a complete, crystal clear view.

Managers can then easily access all inspection reports and associated recommendations in a user-friendly interface. A risk level is associated with each observation, which helps the asset manager prioritize interventions, whether it be repairs, additional inspections or investigations. The analyses of the durability experts are supported by high-performance calculation systems or specialized modules. The results can be transmitted to operational systems for action. This organized and structured process results in automated reports and comprehensive dashboards that accelerate informed decision making.


Retrieve previous data

Collect data via forms, IoT sensors, and machine systems

Connect existing operational systems


Clean up irrelevant data

Structure data to facilitate processing

Secure all types of data

Find data easily and quickly


Retrieve previous data

Analyze the data throughstats, simulations, calculations, and aggregations

Process the data through AI tools

Modules offering functional and specialized complements


Visualize the data through dashboards

Control, export,
and transfer data

Predict and alert according to
pre-registered parameters

Suggest actions according to past events

Leave no data behind

Stelar allows coverage of inputs from a wide variety of sources.

Retrieve and gather the data in its preexisting forms (reports, surveys, inspections, NDT sources, design drawings). All imported information will be available for consultation on the platform.
Accumulate new data in multiple ways via Stelar mobile app forms, IoT platforms, production equipment operating systems, imaging, NDT output.
Use data from third-party systems by integrating your enterprise operations management system (ERP), maintenance management system (CMMS, EAM) or data historian.

Get a complete overview

The platform securely centralizes the information in a structure to prepare it for analysis.

Clean up
Eliminate irrelevant data from your database to improve the results of calculation algorithms.
Benefit from the highest standards of data architecture, in order to adequately prepare your data for analysis.
The platform uses proven and secure tools: encrypted data, very high reliability and resilience storage, continuous backups, among others. Continuously monitored and upgraded, the security level meets the corporate and governmental standards of many private and public entities.
Stelar's capabilities also serve to create a solid operational and organizational memory for asset management. Finding information is greatly facilitated.

Get the most value out of your data

Stelar allows different types of data processing to extract value at both the operational and executive levels.

Statistics, simulations, calculations, aggregations
The platform can calculate and offer relevant statistics to know the health of your assets. This will facilitate the monitoring of trends in asset data, as well as the detection of changes in their behavior. Dashboards can be generated to quickly get a view of asset status.
Artificial intelligence
Based on machine learning (ML), we integrate artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for various applications such as image recognition and categorization, as well as trend and emergency detection from text content.
The platform makes it possible to create specific modules that can include artificial intelligence. Modules can be developed by Stelar or by certified third-party companies. The goal is to better meet targeted industry needs, by adding operational functions, or processing and calculation capacity for a specific asset.

Support your interventions with a decision assistance tool.

The outputs of the Stelar platform allow for concrete and informed actions in asset management.

The visualization capabilities are geared towards obtaining a complete, concise, and relevant picture, which facilitates decision-making. You will be able to visualize your data through different tools such as a customized dashboard, a map with GPS points, a heatmap, histogram or pie charts, among others.
The increased flexibility and control offered by the platform provides the ability to transfer data to third-party software. It also provides the ability to export reports and files for off-platform sharing, editing and viewing.
Predict and alert 
According to predetermined parameters, alerts can be triggered as soon as data is entered to predict or prevent potential breakdowns or significant degradation.
Using machine learning (ML) algorithms, the platform will display suggestions tailored to the type of user and the context. These algorithms will offer relevant choices to each user, based on: their activity history, the types of assets to be controlled, past events and current ones.
ESG standards
require a
powerful tool
such as Stelar
Stelar allows you to invest efficiently to achieve your business objectives. By maximizing asset availability and performance, you will grow your financial returns while respecting ESG principles. Moreover, for your various business partners, you will have access to measurable data and tangible means demonstrating your efforts in sustainability, by managing your assets more responsibly, securely, and profitably. In addition, Stelar sheds light on your efforts in sound governance and sustainability. This allows you to generate a positive and mobilizing impact internally as well as in the communities where you work.

Tools to operationalize the durable and performant management of your assets.

In order to enhance the platform's capabilities, Stelar offers relevant and useful tools. The platform's functionalities are thus orchestrated to allow an evolving use, giving access from simple functions to the most powerful ones.

Specialized modules that add value to your data

Stelar is a flexible tool that adapts to various business processes. Specialized modules enhance the platform's capabilities according to your business objectives and the types of assets you hold.