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Stelar’s Features

Stelar's toolkit includes all the necessary elements for intelligent asset management. It offers the essential functions to take a hands-on approach that generates significant benefits.

Web-based data storage and display platform

The basis of the platform is the equivalent of an industrial asset medical record —containing vital signs, symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, test results—for an equipment or infrastructure. The centralization of the data allows for at-a-glance viewing of all asset information, as well as the ability to compare an asset and its data with that of other similar assets. This data can then be shared with various specialists to improve their analyses and position themselves on appropriate solutions.

Customizable parameters by asset type

Each asset type is represented by its own parameter structure to organize the data. The elements and sub-elements are appropriately segmented to easily filter the asset types, and perform concrete calculations or analyses.

Asset structure hierarchy

Asset classification provides a logical structure of assets by organization and by site. Each asset is then broken down into multiple components. The consistency of the structure allows for easy comparison between similar assets and rapid selection of the desired elements. In addition, this structure makes it possible to refine and adapt the asset management approach. For example, two assets of the same type (e.g. pumps) may contain different components that need to be inspected or monitored. This improves and standardizes the structure for performing calculations.

Dynamic form engine

A form is a logical sequence of questions, which is designed to capture information about a specific asset type. It is prepared by an expert in the management of that asset type. The form is built in sections with questions designed to focus the inspection on the components (sub-assets) to be monitored. Stelar's form engine offers great flexibility to adapt to different applications. The tool replaces all paper forms related to assets. It allows the digitization and standardization of all information, and automatically structures it.

Mobile app for data collection

The mobile app is available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Linux, Windows). It is functional both offline and online. The synchronization of data entered offline to the central platform is performed on demand, once connected to an Internet access. The app uses the camera of the phone or tablet, in addition to the GPS data. During an inspection, it is possible to view previous inspections for each form. The mobile app makes it possible for authorized partners (from external organizations) to fill out forms for the organization. It makes it easy and fast to collect information on equipment and infrastructure integrity.

Automated reporting

Stelar allows you to quickly generate, extract and share a report with all the data from an inspection—namely with stakeholders who are unfamiliar with or do not have access to the platform. You will be able to automate generic inspection reports including complete answers to all questions (quantitative and qualitative) as well as photos attached to the inspections.


The dashboard is customizable to fit an organization's goals and asset types. It presents the overall health of an asset, supported by all the inspection data and analysis performed by a sustainability expert or by the platform's algorithms. The results are illustrated in the form of graphs of various types. It allows, for instance, to visualize a quantitative as well as qualitative inspection summary. In addition, it allows you to distinguish and identify trends by processing the terms used in qualitative fields. It will thus be possible to quickly see the percentage of critical defects among the many defects found during inspections.

SDK and interconnectivity

Stelar is open, alive and evolving. The system offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) available in Python and Javascript. This kit reflects all the possible interconnection and data access operations to create, modify and remove data: organizations, users, sites, assets, actions. It allows you to easily process, import or export data from the platform to give you full control. The SDK supports the creation of modules or tools to enhance the platform's capabilities.

Asset durability data management and Strategic planning platform.

Stelar supports your entire asset health maintenance operations. With̀ the mobile app, your inspectors enter their observations via dynamic forms. Consistency, centralization, and structure of the data allows for better visibility of trends and in-depth analysis from durability experts. The resulting custom dashboards speed and document your decisions.

Specialized modules that add value to your data

Stelar is a flexible tool that adapts to various business processes. Specialized modules enhance the platform's capabilities according to your business objectives and the types of assets you hold.