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About Stelar

Stelar is backed by a team that combines two main areas of expertise: advanced technology development and asset durability. This team develops a digital platform to optimize the management and performance of industrial assets. It allows asset managers to make informed, rapid and documented decisions based on high-value data.  

The technological product is a positive contribution to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of communities. The Stelar team believes in the mission to help future generations, to act more proactively and to stop repeating the mistakes of the past. Stelar is thus both the collective memory of an organization as well as a powerful decision support tool.
Durability driven
by innovation
and collective

Stelar is powered by world-class experts

To strengthen its position and global recognition in asset durability, Norda Stelo—an independent engineering consulting firm founded in 1963 and 100% Canadien-owned—created the Norda Stelo Solutions division. This division develops and markets technological products to support the company's vision: Mobilizing our collective intelligence towards the sustainability of our partners’ assets, our communities and the planet.
The Team at
the heart
of Stelar

Martin Provencher

Vice President of Innovations and Solutions at Norda Stelo
Martin Provencher

Martin Provencher has over 30 years of experience, establishing himself as an accomplished expert in the digital transformation of organizations. His career reflects a path marked by successes and profound expertise in the fields of operations, maintenance, and information technology. His recognition materialized through the McParland Memorial Award presented by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, an accolade that acknowledges his remarkable contribution to the evolution of the Canadian mining industry.

Having held leadership positions in renowned companies, particularly in the mining and metals, manufacturing, aerospace, and telecommunications sectors, Martin Provencher embodies a passion for sustainability-focused technologies and asset performance. His ongoing commitment to exploring new opportunities reflects his determination to drive advancements within the industry.

“The new approach to asset management, driven by digital technologies such as Stelar, holds crucial importance for modern organizations. It offers a holistic view, integrating ESG and decarbonization dimensions from design to maintenance, optimizing performance, minimizing risks, and enabling informed decision-making. This is the future of sustainability and operational efficiency, providing companies with a crucial competitive advantage in an ever-evolving world.”

— Martin Provencher.

Sophie Boisvert, P. Eng.

Vice President
Sophie Boisvert, P. Eng.

With over 30 years of experience, Ms. Boisvert specializes in material behavior, corrosion, degradation, aging, inspection techniques and maintenance programs. She has performed numerous failure analyses and degradation studies. She was responsible for Asset Management at the CEZinc plant in Valleyfield and as a materials engineer at the CCR Refinery in Montreal. It was at these two plants, which are respectively 90 and 60 years old, that Sophie developed and implemented an asset inspection, integrity study and durability program.

In 2014, Sophie joined the engineering consulting ranks at Norda Stelo and set up a group of experts whose objective is to provide clients with expertise to help them maintain the technical reliability, integrity, and proper functioning of physical assets (production, infrastructure) to maximize their availability and performance-while ensuring regulatory compliance and environmental protection.

Also at Norda Stelo, Ms. Boisvert was named vice president of the Resources and Industry market in 2018. In 2021, she was named vice president of Norda Stelo Solutions, leading the development of Stelar.

"Industries are in dire need of technological tools to manage their assets. The world is changing, the importance of ESG practices is becoming paramount and we now have solutions for structured data collection, analysis, and visualization. These intelligent decision support solutions will enable better investment and risk management." - Sophie Boisvert

Alex Brisson, P. Eng., MBA, ASC

President and CEO
Alex Brisson, P. Eng., MBA, ASC

Mr. Alex Brisson became President and CEO of Norda Stelo in the summer of 2013. He then undertook a major restructuring of the company to implement a more agile and efficient organizational structure, while establishing the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's degree in Business Administration, Mr. Brisson joined Norda Stelo in 1993. Initially working as a Project Manager, he quickly rose through the ranks to become Senior Vice President of the Industrial sector in 2003. His career has allowed him to work on various projects in Canada and abroad.

A member of Norda Stelo's Board of Directors and Executive Management for several years now, Mr. Brisson is also one of the main shareholders who enabled the buyout of Norda Stelo in 2005 and led the recent management buyout in 2019. This has given Norda Stelo and its shareholder-employee group the ability to deploy its strategic plan to become the highly capable, trusted and clearly distinctive partner, adding real value to its customers, communities and the planet.

Benoit M. Bédard, P. Eng.

Technologies and Products Manager
Benoit M. Bédard, P. Eng.

An engineer by training and a positive leader by nature, Benoit has been working in the high-tech industry for over 12 years. A passionate entrepreneur, he focuses his efforts on converting know-how into both social and environmental potential. After the sale of Amotus in 2018, he co-founded, a cleantech with the goal of contributing to the durable performance of organizations. The company recently sold its asset data management platform to Norda Stelo Solutions in an effort to drive growth and success. Stelar has become Norda Stelo Solutions' first technological product on which Benoit and his development team are actively collaborating.

Joël Fortin, P. Eng., M. Sc. A.

Team Lead, Asset Reliability and Integrity Engineering, Stelar Champion
Joël Fortin, P. Eng., M. Sc. A.

Mr. Joël Fortin is a materials engineer with over 15 years of experience in the industry, including more than 10 years at Norda Stelo. He specializes in the evaluation of the integrity of materials following the effects of aging, corrosion or incidents. He also specializes in the development and implementation of inspection programs, including Risk-based inspection (RBI). Joël has a strong background in non-destructive testing, corrosion, wearing and mechanical behavior of materials, which he gained from his experience in plants and in consulting engineering.

Matt McCulloch, P. Eng.

Director, ESG and Decarbonation
Matt McCulloch, P. Eng.

Matt McCulloch holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Queens University. He has been an environmental consultant with Golder Associates Ltd., and a Technical Analyst, Co-Director and Director with Pembina Corporate Consulting, The Pembina Institute. He has served as Senior Advisor to Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance and as Director of GHG and I+ at Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance. Until recently, he was Vice President, New Energy Technologies at Exergy Solutions

Values bonded by our purpose.

Stelar is the result of decades of experience gained by engineers who work every day to mitigate the financial, environmental and human risks of large organizations. They are committed to the mission of protecting the public and our environment. Stelar is an extension of that mission, to help do more and better.

Life Around Here

Our project has an impact on the world. We move in incremental steps while also thinking big. We are working to extend the lifespan of assets around the world through advanced technologies. This will result in significant benefits to the environment and the community. We're a small, agile team with the advantages of a large corporation: that's the winning combination to pursue your career
Spontaneous Application

We are always looking for talented individuals who share our values to join our team.

A safe
and responsible
of trust
IT security is at the heart of our digital project. This involves not only rigorous practices and control measures, but also a concern for using the latest technologies, continuously improving work methods, and a responsible development culture. Stelar is committed to following and maintaining the highest industry standards in cybersecurity. These responsible practices are essential to the viability of any digital project and the companies that use them, which is why we make them our priority.