Metals Industry

Asset durability experts use Stelar in aluminum smelters, mines and processing plants.

Make decisions based on dynamic data driven by engineering.

Stelar is a management solution for maintaining the overall health of mining assets. The platform provides you with a vision of the state of your assets and the interventions to be performed for production equipment, as well as for infrastructures whose breakdowns may be less frequent, but much more serious and costly.  

Your continuously updated data, stored in a structured and centralized manner, considerably facilitates the development of your strategic asset management plan, which would otherwise be complex and arduous. This single source of information also makes it easier for you to retain and transfer the knowledge of experienced employees before they leave.
  • Allonger la vie de vos équipements vieillissants
  • Faciliter le financement de vos projets socialement
  • acceptables Améliorer votre bilan environnemental
  • Pallier aux nombreux départs à la retraite

Extend the lifespan of your assets

Stelar provides clear and simplified visibility into the health index and risk rating of each asset. The risk rating is based on the probability and the severity of potential failures. You will be able to see upcoming interventions, their cost and their positive effect on the risk rating. The granularity of the information for each asset will allow you to reduce your intervention costs.





Piping networks

Rolling stock

Process tanks

Process tanks



The flexibility of the platform offers many possibilities.

Build a versatile repository of data to facilitate searches and analyses : centralized and structured, past and present, broken down by asset components and sub-components, quantitative and qualitative.

Structure an inspection protocol
Accumulate new relevant data by setting up a structured inspection protocol, directly on a digital tablet, to obtain comparable measurements year after year by different stakeholders or suppliers.
Decision-making based on reliable data
Perform lifecycle and criticality analyses, as well as degradation simulations, within the platform's calculation tools to obtain a reliable health rating and make informed decisions.
Maintain the health of your assets
Develop a Capital investment plan to maintain the health of your assets in the short, medium and long term, while monitoring relevant indicators on a customized dashboard.

ESG Standards

ESG standards and obligations, for the social responsibility and decarbonization of your production, are now unavoidable.  

Stelar helps you monitor the quality of your interventions by measuring the environmental performance of your assets. Establish a track record of good governance to attract and secure new investments.

Achieve measurable and quantifiable results

Stelar addresses corporate and operational issues. It is helpful and easy to use for people in the field, as well as being essential for senior management.
Get full visibility into both your production equipment and infrastructure.
Centralizing and structuring all the data of an asset base is essential to obtain clear visibility on the investments to be made, whether it is to maintain production capacity, or the health of your workers and your environment. Stelar thus allows you to gather and access̀ all your asset data in one place, to standardize your data for analysis, take full advantage of asset durability experts, detect defects at the right time and plan your work.
Develop a solid Strategic asset management plan
Developing a strategic asset management plan is necessary for the durability of your asset base, but can be demanding, complex and arduous. Stelar saves you time and adds value to your plan by creating a centralized, structured, standardized, and scalable repository of data. You will be able to cross-reference compatible data for analysis, maximize the impact of minor interventions and reduce emergencies. You will be able to balance budgets allocated to static and production asset priorities
Reduce the impact of turnover due to numerous retirements
Your organization must deal with numerous retirements of experienced employees and can seldom count on employees who are as loyal, specialized, or efficient. However, it is possible to build a virtual collective memory of your organization: by digitizing quantitative and qualitative information about interventions and their reasons, in a standardized way, using a technological tool. This memory will facilitate and accelerate the performance of a new employee.
Meet ESG requirements
It is now essential to consider ESG obligations for social responsibility and decarbonization in all decisions. Stelar will allow you to quantify the impact of your activities during ESG audits. It also allows you to record carbon emission avoidance through asset life extension which you can then translate into carbon credits. You will thus accumulate the benefits of a collaborative approach to asset management, with financiers, employees and the community.

Interview with Joël Fortin. An Overview of Assets Health, Thanks to Stelar.

Asset durability data management and Strategic planning platform.

Stelar supports your entire asset health maintenance operations. With̀ the mobile app, your inspectors enter their observations via dynamic forms. Consistency, centralization, and structure of the data allows for better visibility of trends and in-depth analysis from durability experts. The resulting custom dashboards speed and document your decisions.