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                 Stelar transforms the practice of asset durability experts through data intelligence.

Companies like yours need to base every critical decision on relevant data.

Maintaining the overall health of your asset base is critical to meeting the economic, operational, environmental, and societal imperatives that affect your company and your community. Unplanned shutdowns caused by a failure of your production equipment or your infrastructure such as a stack, tank, dock, road, rail line or building have consequences on your profitability and the safety of your workers.

Moreover, the inability to have a clear vision of the state of your assets due to a decentralization of documentation, in addition to a lack of structure and planning, places you in a reactive mode when faced with constant emergencies. Not to mention the numerous retirements that cause a loss of valuable knowledge.

Add value to your asset data by centralizing and structuring it through data intelligence based on solid expertise and field experience in asset durability.
  • Allonger la vie de vos équipements vieillissants
  • Faciliter le financement de vos projets socialement
  • acceptables Améliorer votre bilan environnemental
  • Pallier aux nombreux départs à la retraite

Built for people in the field, essential for top management

Stelar is an asset data management and strategic planning platform used by asset durability experts. It allows you to collect, centralize and structure your relevant data for high-value analysis and simulations. Stelar helps you make timely, efficient, and well-documented decisions. Its structuring functions and artificial intelligence tools based on the expertise of engineers and specialists in asset integrity and reliability provide the power needed to optimize investment management so as to keep your asset base healthy. Stelar provides the dashboards you need to address your business issues.

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We believe our mission is to help future generations from repeating the mistakes of the past. We have developed a technological solution thanks to our extensive knowledge of the field, the clients and asset durability challenges. Stelar is the result of decades of engineering experience for the benefit of a vast network of experts and asset managers. This tool is our positive contribution to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of communities.
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Make sound, timely and well-documented decisions

Plan your work and investments intelligently

By centralizing and structuring all the required information for assessing the condition of assets, Stelar keeps the data up to date and helps management make decisions on what work to perform and to prioritize, considering the residual life of assets and risk management. Stelar allows you to add value to your strategic planning.

Reduce your costs and support sustainable growth

The economic and environmental gains are significant when the useful life of an asset is intelligently extended. Not only do we save the investment of replacing it, but we also save the significant environmental cost of disposing of it and of manufacturing the new asset.

Benefit from a clear and accurate view of your operations

Stelar structures in one place all previous inspection reports, degradation analysis, CMMS data and asset plans. The data is then valorized to make a relevant and simplified visualization. A dashboard brings all this information together to track the status of your entire asset base.

Provide a legacy of evolving knowledge required for your company’s future

Stelar becomes a company’s virtual collective memory. It not only centralizes past data, but it evolves with its daily use. By collecting quantitative and qualitative data, it promotes the transfer of knowledge from experienced employees to the company.

Our impact on industries

We want to have a positive impact on the practice of reliability, integrity,and asset maintenance experts. We strongly believe that our platform willenable them to help their clients, their community, and the environment.
A Satisfactory Strategic Asset Management Planning
In the end the difference between good and bad strategic planning lies in the adherence to the plan at the end of the year. All too often, companies devise a plan for capital projects that does not last 12 months due to emergencies that consume the entire budget. Should we be reminded that an emergency costs between 6 to 10 times more than planned work?
Prioritize Asset Management Interventions
Many go to bed at night knowing that the entirety of the risks is not adequately managed. Stelar could enhance the sleep of many managers, allowing them to focus on improving the reliability and integrity of plant assets to make it more efficient!
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Our tools are at your disposal.

Stelar provides the tools to asset durability experts.

They trust Stelar

Frequently asked questions

Does Stelar help with strategic asset planning?
Yes, inspections, analyses, repairs and interventions are made each day. With a daily update of the data collected in a centralized and structured way, it is much easier to produce a relevant and coherent plan. The platform also allows the tracking of costs and budgets by asset. Asset managers will save time on an annual basis and can focus on generating added value.
Can Stelar help me reduce my unplanned emergencies?
Yes, Stelar makes it easy to structure contingency plans using its form creation engine. The forms can then be filled out by an accredited inspection subcontractor via a mobile application according to the recommendations of asset durability experts. Thus, based on the continuously collected data, in relation to the materials used and operating conditions of the monitored assets, it is possible to project their degradation rate and therefore the replacement time. This predictability offers greater flexibility to asset managers, lower costs, and better risk management.
Does Stelar allow me to get my analysis reports faster?
Yes, one of the major advantages of Stelar is the automatic generation of reports. The platform generates a generic report of the inspection in Word or PDF format according to the established structure of the questionnaire. The photos are attached automatically and thus will not be lost. The report, which includes all the data from an inspection or a survey, can be quickly shared, particularly with stakeholders who are unfamiliar with or do not have access to the platform.
Does Stelar replace a CMMS?
No, Stelar is complementary to these systems. Stelar retrieves the relevant asset data needed to build an asset management plan. The platform evaluates the asset's life cycle and performance. The actions determined through the behavioral analysis of the data, are then transmitted to your CMMS for work planning.
Do you offer asset management or maintenance services?
No, Stelar is a tool which transforms the practice of asset durability experts. Stelar relies on a strong network of partners who use the platform to its full potential for the benefit of clients, the environment, and the community.