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Port Industry

Stelar applications cover the activities of port authorities and operators.

Drive durability, safety and financial decisions in light of your optimized data.

Stelar centralizes and structures all port infrastructure data. This allows you to clearly visualize the status of assets on a continuous basis and minimize the risk of unforeseen events (incidents, interruptions, downtime). The tool facilitates communication between the owner and the operator, as it displays upcoming interventions as well as costs and risk mitigation results by asset or by site. Ultimately, the historical information by asset demonstrates an asset owner's efforts and needs for ongoing projects and future investments.
  • Allonger la vie de vos équipements vieillissants
  • Faciliter le financement de vos projets socialement
  • acceptables Améliorer votre bilan environnemental
  • Pallier aux nombreux départs à la retraite

Your employees' safety comes first

Centralizing and structuring the data, so that it can be analyzed by experts and computational algorithms, will enable the assets to have a precise health index. Identified defects, the context of the asset and other parameters will determine a health rating supported by facts and advanced analysis. The resulting interventions will be tailored to the complex reality of port infrastructure. Here are some of the assets that Stelar can track:





Sewer systems

Production equipment



The flexibility of the platform offers many possibilities.

Implement a tool that can structure and collect your asset inventory data in one place, in a consistent, secure, and usable manner, with a long-term perspective. This will form the basis on which you can collect new data from surveys, instrumentation, operations, or maintenance. You can build a solid history and approach to asset management on a solid foundation.

Tailor your decisions
Establish a concrete work plan based on accurate knowledge of the health́ and actual risk rating of each asset, located above or below the water. Features developed specifically for the port industry, such as vector referencing of dock components, are part of our solution to help tailor your decisions.
Forecast investments
Align your asset management strategy with your real priorities. The platform facilitates investment forecasting and simplifies understanding the costs and risks of performing work, or deferring it to avoid downtime. Experts will use Stelar to prioritize according to the most critical or lucrative assets.

Goal: Net Zero

Port infrastructures have set ambitious objectives in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and social responsibility towards the communities they serve.

Stelar's reports are simple and straightforward. They provide information on the condition of assets, interventions, and planning of rehabilitation investments. The platform becomes a powerful communication tool for financial, political, and societal actors to highlight your efforts and needs in terms of responsible investments.

Reach your targets without headaches

People in the field appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness of Stelar, while managers finally have the reports for which they’ve been missing. Stelar offers remarkable business intelligence.
Minimize the risk of unforeseen events
Sound operational performance of a port facility is essential to its sustainability. Downtime must be controlled, minimized, expedited and planned. A port's occupancy rate is far too high to allow for unplanned downtime. Asset durability experts will be able to rely on comprehensive, continuous information and machine analysis results to avoid last-minute corrective work and focus the organization's efforts on planned and well-prepared projects. Stelar allows you to maintain trust between owners and operators, as the platform acts as a fast, accurate and documented decision support tool.
Extend asset lifespan
Effective asset management in a port organization inevitably requires quality work on the built assets. Reliability and integrity experts, responsible for maintaining the health of your assets, will add value to the data included in the platform. Using their in-depth knowledge of degradation mechanisms, they will propose rigorous, innovative and targeted solutions that consolidate asset durability. Stelar therefore offers an enlightening database for preventing equipment and infrastructure failures and increasing their longevity. Ultimately, in addition to extending the financial amortization period of assets, decisions based on Stelar's data intelligence will reduce the GHG emissions associated with the replacement of equipment or critical infrastructure.
Dispose of equipment at the right time
Asset disposal (decommissioning) planning is rarely optimal. Too often, replacement is performed hastily or even urgently when a major breakdown occurs. This makes it difficult to take the time to select the best performing equipment, both for its production capacity and its energy efficiency. Stelar offers a comprehensive view of an asset's progress through its life cycle. The tool built by asset durability experts facilitates timely decision making.
Improve the acceptability of your projects
Port infrastructures are mostly located in urban areas. Their decisions inevitably have an impact on civil society. By using Stelar to present and explain your vision and approach to asset management, the tool will encourage the support and commitment of economic, political, and civil stakeholders. By clearly demonstrating your efforts and needs, you will be able to convince different authorities of the need for investment in your projects and the benefits for the community.
Manage all asset data
Access to asset health information to make informed business decisions is a priority for your organization. Stelar assembles and provides access to historical and current data on all your assets. It is a structured data repository, oriented towards sustainable asset management. This structure standardizes the entry of new data for your employees but also for all external stakeholders through an easy-to-use mobile app.

Interview with Sarah-Claude Lachance.
Stelar is Used for Environnemental Observations

Asset durability data management and Strategic planning platform.

Stelar supports your entire asset health maintenance operations. With̀ the mobile app, your inspectors enter their observations via dynamic forms. Consistency, centralization, and structure of the data allows for better visibility of trends and in-depth analysis from durability experts. The resulting custom dashboards speed and document your decisions.