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As we enter an age of “The New Normal”, companies and organizations are seeing an increase in all of their expense columns due to many factors: labor shortages, procurement issues, generalized cost increases, new safety standards, greater environmental requirements, etc.  

All eyes are on you to do more and better...but without more resources. It's hard to get around that. Essentially, you need to curb non-essential spending and build on what you already have.

This “new reality” is demanding and will continue to be so.

Extending the life of your assets is a particularly effective way to address financial, environmental, and societal demands.

However, are you really confident that you can do this with your current data?

Is there a better way to manage your production assets and infrastructure?

You need asset durability experts to support you. You also need quality, centralized, and structured data.

Stelar is transforming the practice of asset durability experts through data intelligence.

We want to help you make better decisions, with a solution that is easier to use, faster, and more accurate. A solution developed by and for asset durability experts.

Stelar has a direct influence on ESG performance

“We see that global challenges are evolving; we are increasingly talking about the sustainability of the economy. Our durability experts can extend the life of assets, thus reducing waste and the production of new materials.

To go even further and transform the practice of asset durability, we have developed a technological product that features significant processing capabilities as well as artificial intelligence tools. By extending the life of assets, we inevitably reduce the impact on public safety, on the environment, and therefore on the governance of organizations. Stelar has a direct influence on ESG performance.”

Alex Brisson, P.Eng. President and CEO, Norda Stelo

Stelar helps make better decisions

Stelar is an asset data management and strategic planning platform developed for asset durability experts. It allows you to collect, centralize and structure your significant data for high-value analysis and simulation. Stelar helps you make quick, efficient, and well-documented decisions.

Experts and Stelar combined

“Because of the “new reality,” companies or organizations will need to better plan investments to intelligently maintain or replace assets. We can no longer change for the sake of change! Thus, the need for asset durability will grow. However, modern technologies must be adopted to accurately track the health of assets over time.  

The combination of asset durability experts and Stelar will help prevent breakdowns, production losses as well as potential safety and environmental consequences.

We must not forget that effective asset health management reduces the impact of assets on the planet, which is essential to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality.”

SophieBoisvert, P.Eng. Vice President, NordaStelo Solutions, Stelar
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