Norda Stelo Solutions Officially launches STELAR

QUEBEC, May 30 2022, Norda Stelo Solutions is proud to launch its very first technology product: Stelar. Stelar is a digital platform that improves the practice of asset durability experts. Stelar's purpose is to centralize and structure the data of physical assets, both public infrastructures and industrial assets, to extend their useful life.

Alex Brisson, President and CEO of Norda Stelo, describes the product as a logical next step: "We believe that the greenest of projects are focused on improving the performance and extending the life of existing facilities. This allows us to have a positive impact on the environment and climate change, while adding significant value to our clients' assets. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are becoming unavoidable to ensure the sustainability of our clients' operations and growth. This is what Stelar will enable us to do.

Sophie Boisvert, Vice President, Resources and Industry at Norda Stelo and head of the Norda Stelo Solutions division, speaks of a world of possibilities for clients: "We have mobilized experts who believe in the mission of helping future generations from repeating the mistakes of the past. We have developed a technological solution thanks to our extensive knowledge of the field, the clients and asset durability challenges.

Stelar is the result of decades of engineering experience for the benefit of a vast network of experts and asset managers. This tool is our positive contribution to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of communities."

Currently, 16 developers and about 100 asset durability experts are actively working on product development. Stelar is being used and implemented in about 20 companies in the port, rail and primary metal markets. The product is already attracting the attention of asset managers and experts in integrity, reliability and maintenance.


Stelar is an asset data management and strategic planning platform. It helps to make quick, efficient and well-documented decisions. Stelar offers the opportunity to collect, centralize, valorize and act with secure, high-value data. It enables the presentation of results according to key indicators from analyzed data. By pairing engineering expertise with machine learning (AI), the platform accurately predicts failures and optimizes the investments required to intelligently extend the life of assets.


Norda Stelo Solutions Inc, a new corporate entity sister to Norda Stelo Inc and a subsidiary of Norda Group Inc, was founded in early 2022 to support the development of new technological products, particularly in asset durability and sustainable productivity. Stelar becomes the first product of the new division, driving Norda Stelo's growth and strategic positioning.
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